12 Dec 2019

Groom Side Beaten Up By Bride Relatives

Reports coming in from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh where a case of beating the entire Baratis, including the groom in a room came to light.  Due to late arrival of Barat in the village Nangaljat of Bijnor district, the entire Baratis, including the groom, were beaten up in a closed room.  

Not only this, the money and jewelry gifted to the bride was also seized.  However, all the Baratis were rescued by the police who reached the spot.

 According to the reports two days ago, Barat was scheduled to arrive in the village Nangaljat in the afternoon, but Barat arrived late in the evening.  There was a dispute between the two parties over the delayed arrival of Barat.  After which the people of the girl side closed the room with the groom, his family members and some of the Baratis and beat them fiercely.  

As soon as the matter came to light the police rescued the groom's relatives and brought both the sides to the police station. The bride who reached the police station refused to go with the husband and went to the maternal home.

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