10 Feb 2020

Breakthrough Found In Fighting Deadly Virus

Dangerous corona virus has spread from China to most countries has created a lot of distress in the world.  The most dangerous impact of this dangerous virus is in Wuhan, China.  

So far around 811 people have lost their battle of life due to Corana virus in China while more than 36 thousand people are battling this virus.  This virus is spreading from one person to another.  

The World Health Organization has also put emergency in the whole world.  The biggest doctors and scientists of the country are making every effort to find a cure for this infection, but so far there has been no breakthrough of medicine of this virus.  But it is being claimed on social media that garlic can be the only treatment for corona virus.

 As per reports coming in garlic has ingredients that are capable of fighting the corona virus in the human body, the World Health Organization WHO says that garlic is a healthy food, garlic has properties to prevent many diseases.  But till now no evidence of protection from coron virus has been found from garlic.

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