10 Feb 2020

Two Thousand Notes May Be Taken Back

Reports coming in from economy which suggests that now the 2000 rupee note in India is going to taken back by the government.

As Government banks have issued a notice asking their employees not to give 2000 notes to any customers.  Also it has been asked not to put 2000 notes in the bank ATM machine, only 500, 200 and 100 notes should be inserted in the ATM machine.

According to a report, banks have been ordered through e-mail that banks can take 2000 notes from customers, but should not give these notes back to their customers.  

Instead of these notes give other notes.  Also, it has been said in the e-mail that a formal order will be issued in this regard soon.  According to the same report of the National Crime Records Bureau RS 2000 fake currency have been unearthed in large number .  Of the total recovered counterfeit notes, 56 per cent are notes of Rs 2,000.

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