6 Feb 2020

Modi Ridiculed Rahul Gandhi As Tubelight

Reports coming in as today, while addressing the Lok Sabha on the proposal brought before the President's PM Modi address in the Lok Sabha was a direct attack on Rahul Gandhi. 

PM Modi has named Rahul Gandhi as Tubelight without directly mentioning his name.  He has given this stance on Rahul Gandhi on his poached statement.  

He did not take the name of Rahul Gandhi and said that I have heard the manifesto of a Congress leader yesterday and he has announced that in 6 months Modi will be beaten by sticks on his back.  But I have now decided that I will perform Surya Namaskar daily for 6 months, so that my back will get the strength to beat every stick on my back.  I am thankful to the Congressman who has already announced so that I will get time to increase my strength within six months.  

After PM Modi's taunt, Rahul Gandhi also made a comment, in response to which PM Modi said that I have been speaking for the last 40 minutes, but it took so long to reach the current to the tubelight.  He further said that the it happens for many tubelights.

While addressing a gathering at Hauz Rani, Delhi on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi was giving a speech.  He will not be able to get out of the house after 6 months.  People will beat him because the country have not moved forward and youth in India is unemployed.

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