7 Jun 2020

CII President Uday Kotak Asks Government For Financial Help To People Lesser Than Rs 25,000 Salary

According to reports coming in CII President Uday Kotak have said that all the persons who have lost their job due to covid-19 pandemic should be given monetary help by the government.

Most affected persons are those who had lost their jobs and are in a middle class families with so many responsibilities.  

To give moratorium period in loans according to the Uday Kotak is not healthy decision on the part of government as it may increase the deficit of the country.

According to Kotak those people who are under the salaries of Rs 25,000 should be given 50% to 75% of the salary in their bank accounts by the government as an help for covid-19.

According to Uday Kotak the pandemic is a right time to grow as there has been ongoing tensions between America and China and many companies would have been thinking of switching over to India.

At that point of time we may need labour as well as Land reforms the Government of India so that we may lure foreign investment.

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