19 Jul 2020

Houses Collapsed In Slum Of Anna Nagar In Delhi In Flash Floods In Nullah

At some places where there is nil rainfall.  Some places in India are suffering much and are affected due to intense rainfall.

One such city is Delhi where rainfall is making the conditions worse for the people of the city.

Today due to heavy rainfall a house in Delhi collapsed in Anna nagar slum area near ITO.  

However no one was injured in the incident and the people living in the house nearly escaped the injuries.

Centralised Accident And Trauma Services (CATS) and fire fighters are present on the spot.

Rescue operations in full swing an investigation on to check the damages and intensity of the accident.

As per the residents of the area there was a huge flow of water in the adjoining Nullah.  

There was a pit that was dug during making of a parking lot in the adjoining areas near the Nala and the water reportedly entered the pit.  This caused soil erosion in the adjoining areas.

This led to the collapse of nearby houses.  And the houses collapsed as if they had never existed there.

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