7 Feb 2021

Hindustani who defame the country are not even leaving tea: PM Modi

New Delhi: On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while offering the development projects in Assam, accused the anti-national forces of indulging in a conspiracy to defame Indian tea. Prime Minister Modi said that those who defame the country and the powers sitting abroad are trying to attack Indian tea and its associated identity, every Indian tea drinker will take a reply. While delivering the message to the people working in the tea gardens of Assam, Prime Minister Modi said, "Today, the conspiracies to defame the country have reached such a level that they are not giving up India's tea. You must have heard in the news that these conspirators are saying that the tea image of India has to be systematically maligned worldwide. Some documents have come out which reveal that the foreign powers are trying to attack India's identity with tea.

Questioning the people of Assam famous for tea gardens, Prime Minister Modi said, "Do you accept this attack?" Are you allowed to remain silent after this attack? Everyone has to answer, who has pledged to discredit the tea of ​​India. All political parties will have to answer every tea garden. Everyone who drinks Indian tea will have to answer.

Prime Minister Modi said, I want to tell these conspirators that as much as they wish, the country will not allow their plans to succeed. There is not much strength in these attacks that our tea planters can compete with the labor of the workers. The country will continue to grow in the way of development and progress. Similarly, Assam will continue to touch new heights of development and the wheel of development of the state will continue to spin at the same speed, for which the central government is committed. 

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