17 Mar 2021

Ministry Of Home Affairs Shares Latest Reports On Purchase Of Weapons In Rajya Sabha

Latest reports have been coming in from Ministry of Home Affairs which has given a statement in Rajya Sabha regarding the supply of weapons and stones to the security agencies.
As per reports coming in certain instances of supply of weapons via drones from across the Pakistan border have come to the notice of security and law enforcement agencies. 

Government is taking various steps to meet such challenges as per Ministry of Home Affairs in a written reply, in Rajya Sabha.

According to confirmed sources these steps include effective surveillance, streamlining intelligence set up, capacity building of forces.

The forces who are patrolling on the borders and are sensitization of local population in border areas.  Their establishment of observation posts, modern and hi-tech surveillance equipment use, etc.

The Ministry of Home affairs have shared the statistics of the present situation of the development in security forces.

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