18 Mar 2021

Ramayan's 'Ram' Arun Govil joins BJP

Famous actor Arun Govil joined the Bharatiya Janata Party on Thursday. He is well known for playing Lord Ram character in the Ramayan TV series.

It is assuming that BJP has played a master stroke before the assembly elections to be held in five states. Earlier, it was believed that Arun Govil would join the party before the Bihar Assembly elections or UP elections.

Arun Govil started his career as an actor in bollywood in 1977 with "Paheli", then did a couple of hits like " Sawan ko Aane Do" and "Saanch Ko Aanch Nahin".

But he is best known for Lord Ram character playing in Ramayan based on Valmiki's Ramayan and Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas that was aired during 1987-88. It was a huge success for Govil and Deepika Chikhalia who played the character of " Sita".

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