23 Mar 2021

Shootout In Unites States By Unidentified Assailant

Latest reports have been coming in from United States where an 'active shooter' has been reported at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, say police.

As per reports 10 fatalities have been reported including one Police Officer, Boulder Police say.

According to the United States Sheriff Department which states that say 'multiple' people including a police officer have lost their lives in the shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

"A suspect is in custody. He was injured and is being treated for his injury at a hospital," an officer says. 

According to Boulder Police in a tweet it wanted people at another location, about three miles away, to shelter in place because of a 'report of armed, dangerous individual.' 

Police said they were investigating to see whether it was connected to the supermarket shooting as reported by CNN.

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