22 Oct 2021

Delhi Police Launches Prashakti

Latest reports have been coming in from the national capital of the country New Delhi where Central District Delhi Police has launched 'Prashakti', an initiative to bring women to the forefront in traditional policing roles. 

According to the reports coming in it involves aspects like designating 'Prashakti beats' in all police stations, 'Veera Squad' and Delhi’s first 'Pink Booth'.

DCP Central Shweta Chauhan on this occasion has said that I have launched a program 'Prashakti'. We have identified Prashakti beats and one beat will be deployed in all police stations. 

We've also made a 'Veera Squad' for active patrolling and a pink booth where women can come and share their complaints and concern according DCP Central Shweta Chauhan.

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