17 Oct 2022

Madhya Pradesh: Tiger caught in MANIT released in Satpura Tiger Reserve

The tiger caught in Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MANIT) in Bhopal's capital of MP was released on Sunday night in the enclosure of Churna range of Satpura Tiger Reserve (STR). The tiger was trapped in the cage on Saturday night. He was brought from Bhopal to Narmadapuram on Sunday. This tiger was released at night.

As soon as he got out of the cage, the tiger came running. In order to avoid confrontation between other tigers in the forest, he will be kept in the enclosure for a few days. A team of wildlife experts will keep an eye on the health of the tiger. His health will be taken care of.

Tiger had attacked cows in MANIT: MANIT campus was stirred up by the presence of Tiger for 15 days. Big cat had attacked 6 cows in 15 days. Out of which 4 had died. Tiger had eaten them too. The MANIT management had to send students on leave ahead of time. People were living in fear of the tiger; people got relief after he was caught.

Tiger's Radio Collar Monitoring: The tiger trapped in a cage is about two and a half years old, but in stature, he looks like an adult tiger. Tiger has been fitted with a radio collar to monitor him.

Tiger brought in STR under special protection: The tiger trapped in (MANIT) was sedated. After which he was brought from Bhopal to STR. Under the supervision of officials of Satpura Tiger Reserve, the tiger reached the safe Churna range from Bhopal in a special vehicle. He was released in the enclosure at night. After 15 days he will be released in the forest. 

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