20 Oct 2022

Rachanaa Parulkkar Says I Wanted To Do Something Unique About My Role In Maddam Sir

Rachanaa Parulkkar has opened up about playing a strong and fearless character in Maddam Sir. Here are excerpts of an informal conversation with her:   

1. You've been back on television after a year's break. Can you tell us a little about how you were approached for Sony SAB's Maddam Sir?

Yes, I am back on the screen after a short break. The reason being, I did not want to do the same clich√© character of damsel in distress or the girl next door. I wanted to do something different and unique that the audience will enjoy. 

2. What motivated you to be a part of the show?

The character itself was the source of my motivation. I have never played such an authoritative character and the best part is I get to expand my vision and capabilities as an actress.

3. Can you tell us more about the Chingari gang and how it will contribute to the show?

Chingari Gang is not an evil gang, their intentions are pure and they believe in delivering immediate justice. They wish to help and look after women who are facing problems in their daily life. Although they do it for social purposes and of course because they understand the troubles that women face every day, their mindset differs from that of the cops at Mahila Police Thana

4. What will your character look like in Maddam Sir?

Shivani Tai is supremely strong and a little emotional. She is authoritative and carries the aura, personality, and attitude of an iron-willed person. These few qualities help her positively to help others and solve a problem. 

5. Since Maddam Sir shows four brave police officers in an empowering and positive light, what are your thoughts on the concept of the show?

I strongly feel the concept of Maddam Sir is well thought out and is beyond the common saas-bahu shows that portray women to be sensitive, naive and emotional. I think for the first time there is a show on women cops who are strong, witty and sensiblet.

6. You have worked with Yukti Kapoor in the past, how does it feel to be associated with her again?

I have worked with Yukti in the past for a show that was very different from Maddam Sir. From the initial days of shooting, the both of us instantly connected and are fond of each other.

7. The Chingari gang is on-air, what is the feedback from the viewers?

Oh my god! The responses have been amazingly positive. Everyone has appreciated the rowdy entry and attitude of Chingari gang. 

8. A message for your fans?

I would like to tell my fans, especially my family, please keep encouraging me and keep showering all your love. 

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