17 Oct 2022

Third Term To Chinese President Xi Jinping: Chinese Consulate Staff In UK Assault Protester

Manchester (UK):
Demonstrations took place outside the Chinese Consulate in Manchester, UK in protest against the third term to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Some people can be seen in the video shouting slogans. Then the consulate staff dragged a protester inside the office premises and thrashed him. Its video is going viral on social media. 

Protesters also held some banners and posters in their hands. Then there was a clash between the consulate staff and the protesters. 

Several protest banners had earlier been placed outside the consulate, one with the words, “Heaven will destroy the Chinese Communist Party”, and a caricature of Xi wearing a crown.

After this, some staff members were seen in the video dragging a protester inside the consulate's gate. Then started kicking and punching him. After this, a police officer rescued the protester and took him out from there.

Consulate clarified: The protester who was the victim of the attack said – we were protesting. Then the consulate staff dragged me inside. Before I could run away, they surrounded me and then beat me up. They shouldn't have done that. Because in Britain we have the freedom to raise our voice.

On this, the spokesperson of the Consulate said that the protesters were raising slogans along with a derogatory photo of the President of China. Manchester Police is investigating this matter.

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