17 Dec 2022

CNG Price In Delhi Hiked, Know What Is Delhi CNG Price Today

New Delhi: In the country's capital Delhi, once again people have got the shock of inflation. Driving in Delhi will become expensive from today. The price of CNG in Delhi (CNG Price Today) has increased once again. This time the price of one kg CNG (CNG Price In Delhi) has been increased by 95 paise. The increase in price will come into effect from 6 am on December 17. 

After the increase, the price of CNG in the country's capital Delhi (Delhi CNG Price) will now be Rs 79.56 per kg. Earlier, Rs 78.61 had to be paid for one kg of CNG in Delhi.

Earlier, the price of CAG was increased in Delhi in the month of October. IGL had increased the price of CNG by Rs 3 in Delhi on 8th October. After this, the price of one kilogram of CNG had increased to Rs 78.61. Earlier on November 4, the price of CNG was increased by Rs 3.50 in Maharashtra.

The increase in the price of CNG will also affect the lives of common people. Due to increase in the price of CNG, the cost of transportation of goods will also increase and there can be a jump in the price of fruits and vegetables.

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