14 Dec 2022

Crack In Madhya Pradesh Congress Over Action On Raja Pateria

Bhopal: Differences are increasing in the Madhya Pradesh Congress regarding action on Bundelkhand's senior Congress leader and former minister Raja Pateria for his remark about PM Modi. Leader of the Opposition Dr. Govind Singh is seen standing in support of Pateria. The Leader of the Opposition said in a discussion with journalists on Wednesday that by showing half of the speech of Pateria, he was considered guilty and FIR was also registered. He was arrested without investigation.

The case was also registered in a hurry and the arrest was also made. The next line of Pateria's speech (in the sense defeat him) was not heard. After his alleged kill Modi remark, Pateria had clarified that he said in the sense of defeating Modi. But without knowing the context in which he was speaking and without knowing his purpose, the authorities filed an FIR although Pateria had apologized, said Govind Singh.

Action against Pateria in three days

Madhya Pradesh Congress Vice President and organization in-charge Chandraprabhash Shekhar said that the President of the State Congress and the PCC have considered his statement as highly objectionable. He said Pateria has given an objectionable statement about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He has committed indiscipline in a way. State Congress chief Kamal Nath has said that we wish for the long life of the Prime Minister.

Notice given to Pateria

In this regard, the State Congress has given a notice to Raja Pateria and sought an explanation from him within three days as to why strict action should not be taken against you and why you should not be expelled from the Congress party. Further action will be taken after their reply. When told that Raja Pateria is in jail, in such a situation how will he reply. Chandraprabhash Shekhar said that even if his answer does not come, we will take action. Whatever action PCC has to take, we will take action in three days.

BJP on front foot

Differences are visible in the Congress on the statement made by former minister Raja Pateria on PM Narendra Modi. PCC Chief Kamal Nath has issued a notice condemning Pateria's statement. On the other hand, in this matter, the Leader of the Opposition Dr. Govind Singh is seen in support of Pateria. BJP has raised questions regarding the contradictory statements of Congress leaders. BJP leaders have raised questions on the statements made by Kamal Nath and the Leader of the Opposition regarding Raja Pateria on Tuesday.

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