12 Dec 2022

Hyderabad News: UFO-like Balloon Landed In Field; Villagers Thought It Was Alien Ship; What Was The Reality

Hyderabad: It was 6-7 in the morning on 7th December. A round object or say something like a big balloon was seen flying in the sky of Hyderabad. The people here thought that maybe someone had released a big balloon in the sky for the advertisement. As the object came down, it looked like a UFO (Unidentified flying object) or an unknown alien ship. There was an uproar in the area.

Tollywood director Jagarlamudi Krish present at Ramoji Film City made a video of it and shared it on social media. The video started trending on social media. Balloon had landed in the field of Mogligundla village of Vikarabad, 100 km away from Hyderabad.

It was a research experiment of TIFR: Even as the villagers were convinced that it they had found evidence of alien activity as seen in the movies, it turned out to be a research experiment of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research’s (TIFR) National Balloon Facility, which was conducting an atmospheric study of the stratosphere.

The object which was termed a ‘space capsule’ by the scientists of TIFR, was shot some 40 km high into the sky through a giant helium balloon released from TIFR’s balloon facility located in ECIL.

Balloon is a kind of space capsule: This balloon is a kind of space capsule. It can be filled with 2.8 lakh cubic meters of helium gas. By sitting in it, people will be taken to the space 40 kilometers away from the earth. This experiment was done for the Spanish company HALO SPACE. Soon people will be able to go to space with such balloons.

Will be able to see the view of the earth by sitting in the balloon: Space tourism has started in many countries of the world. Elon Musk's company SpaceX has taken the common people to space through rockets this year. However, it is quite expensive, so now HALO has developed a 'space capsule' as a cheaper alternative.

Traveler sees the edge of the earth: Sitting in this 'space capsule', the passengers are taken to a height of 40 kilometers above the earth in an atmosphere where there is zero pressure. We call it the stratosphere. After reaching there, the traveler sees the edge of the earth.

Scientists want to ensure landing is safe: Before sending a man into space, TIFR scientists want to make sure that people can reach there easily and that his landing and recovery are absolutely safe. This experiment is being done in association with HALO.

Going to the stratosphere in a plane or rocket will not affect the passengers, but TIFR checked with the company's made space capsule whether it can withstand the temperature and pressure there at an altitude of 40 km from the earth? Can people go back safely in a capsule?

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