18 Dec 2022

Pathan Film Controversy: Protests Increase; What MP Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam Said About The Film


Bhopal: Controversy is increasing in Madhya Pradesh regarding the upcoming film Pathan of Bollywood actors Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. Assembly Speaker Girish Gautam has now entered this dispute. He said– If Shahrukh watches the film he has made with his 23-24 year old daughter, then we will accept that the film is good for the society.
Girish Gautam said that yellow (saffron) cloth is a symbol of our national pride. It is associated with Hinduism. Yellow clothes are called besharm (shameless) in the film’s song. What does this mean? Green should be respected, yellow should be insulted, it is not right.
Film should not be allowed to run at all: Gautam said the film should not be allowed to run at all. Sanatani people have also become aware in the country. If someone shows a film in the name of the Prophet, there will be bloodshed all over the world.
Pathan Movie is to be released on 25 January. Its teaser came a month ago. Recently its first song 'Besharam Rang...' has been released. In this, actress Deepika Padukone has given very bold scenes with Shahrukh. Deepika is also seen wearing a bold saffron colored dress in the song. The movie is being opposed because of this.
Muslim society also angry with Shahrukh: Madhya Pradesh Ulema Board President Syed Anas Ali said: I am getting calls from many people. People are saying that Islam has been wrongly propagated in the film Pathan. People love Shah Rukh Khan, but now they are angry. 

Protest against 'Pathan' in Indore and Ujjain: Protest against Pathan has intensified in Indore and Ujjain as well. There was a protest against Shah Rukh Khan at Malwa Mill Square in Indore. Women slapped Shahrukh's poster, after which the BJP Yuva Morcha protested by burning the effigy. Apart from this, demonstrations were also held in Ujjain.
Sadhvi Pragya's entry in controversy: Earlier, Bhopal MP Sadhvi Pragya said I appeal to the public to give a befitting reply to these hero-heroines who call saffron shameless. Don't watch any of their movies. If you are a true Hindu, if you have Hindu blood inside you, then you will never watch this film. 

Pragya’s statement against constitutional values, says Cong: On the other hand, state Congress spokesperson Deepti Singh has termed Pragya Singh Thakur's statement as against constitutional values and indicative of Talibani character. Deepti Singh said that saffron color has not been mentioned anywhere in Sanatan Dharma. RSS uses saffron color flag. When Sanatan Dharma has nothing to do with saffron colour, then why does BJP and Sangh ideology link it with the insult of Hindus

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