19 Feb 2023

Israel Fired Missile In Syrian Capital Damascus, 15 Die

Damascus: Israel fired a missile in the Syrian capital Damascus on Sunday morning, killing 15 people. The attack took place in a residential building.

Earlier on Friday also there was an attack in Syria. About 53 people died in this. ISIS was held responsible for this.

Civilians were among 15 killed in the Israeli strike on the building that was housing senior security officials. According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, the Israeli airstrikes targeted a residential neighborhood in central Damascus early Sunday, just two weeks after a devastating earthquake jolted the region.

The strike hit in Kafr Sousa, a high-security area of Damascus, which is home to senior security officials, security branches and intelligence headquarters, reports said.

The targeted strike damaged several buildings in the densely populated Syrian capital close to Omayyad square in the heart of the capital.

Israel has been carrying out hundreds of air strikes 

Israel has been carrying out hundreds of air strikes against its neighbor since the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011. It has primarily targeted Syrian army installations, Iranian forces and Lebanon's Hezbollah, allies of the Syrian regime.

It is believed that these attacks are part of an escalation of what has been a low-intensity conflict whose main aim was to slow down Iran's growing entrenchment in Syria.

So far, Israel's military has not made any comment on the missile strike. Israel has been carrying out air strikes against suspected Iranian-sponsored weapons transfers and personnel deployments in neighboring Syria. Israel has said that it will not allow Iran to extend its influence to its borders.

On January 2, Israel's military fired missiles toward the international airport of Syria's capital, killing two soldiers and wounding two others.


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