18 Feb 2023

Shivratri: Shivling Weighing Thousands Of Kilos With 359 Faces Of Shiva Is Seated In This Temple In Solapur, Maharashtra

Solapur (Maharashtra):You must have seen many temples of Adi Anadi Shiva, but today we are telling about such a temple which has 359 faces of Shiva. All these faces are made on one Shivling. 

This Shivling is in Solapur district of Maharashtra. At Kundal Sangam in Solapur district. The Shivling seated in the Harihareshwar temple of Kundal Sangam has 359 faces of Shiva with different expressions on each face. 

The faces made on the Shivling have only the face and Jata of Lord Shiva. On the other hand, Lord Shiva is seen in a sitting posture in the faces made on the lower part of the Shivling. 

All these faces are made in 9 rows. This is the world's only Bahumukhi Shivling and its weight is four and a half tons.

In Solapur Harihareshwar is only temple where Bhagwan Shiva and Bhagwan Vishnu are worshiped together. Shivling found here in excavation, is called as Bahumukhi Shivling.

Shivling is called Bahmukhi 

Shivling is called Bahmukhi Shivling. It is estimated that it was built in the eleventh century. This Shivling was found in the excavation of Hari Hareshwar temple. The Archaeological Department has preserved this Shivling, it is the only versatile Shivling in the country. 

This place is the confluence of Karnataka and Maharashtra and also the confluence of two rivers Bhima and Seema. The is the only Bahmukhi Shivling in the country. Devotees come from far and wide throughout the year to have darshan of this unique Shivling of Shiva.

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