18 Feb 2023

Maharashtra Shivratri: Shiva Parvati Spend The Night In This Temple After Visiting All The Three Worlds

Let us tell you about a temple in which even today Baba Bholanath plays Chaupad with Mother Parvati. After the Shayan Aarti in the temple, a chaupad is spread here and the gotis are placed. It is believed that Lord Bholenath and Mother Parvati play chaupad in this temple.

This temple Omkareshwar is situated on the banks of Narmada. This is also Jyotirlinga. It is situated on an island on the Narmada River in Jyotirlinga. 

How did the name Omkareshwar come about?

The specialty of this island is that here the river Narmada flows in the shape of Om between the hills. That is why this place was named Omkareshwar. 

According to mythology, King Madhata of this place did penance, due to which Lord Shankar appeared in person and sat here. It is believed that Bhole Baba roams in all the three worlds throughout the day and comes here for rest at night. 

It is said that Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati play chaupad before sleeping. For years the priests of the temple have been following this tradition. 

Doors of the temple are closed at night

At night, after the Shayan Aarti, the chaupad is decorated and after that the doors of the temple are closed. During this time no one comes and goes in the temple. No one is allowed to go inside. 

After that, when the doors of the temple are opened in Burmahmurhat, then the gotis of chaupad are scattered in such a way as if they have been played. It is believed that Omkareshwar is the only Jyotirlinga where Shiva Parvati rest for the night.

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