25 Feb 2023

Who Is Waris Punjab De’s Head Amritpal Singh, Why He Is Being Called Bhindranwale Part-2

Amritsar: There is an organization – Waris Punjab De. Thousands of people associated with this outfit attacked the Ajnala police station of Amritsar on Thursday i.e. 23 February. They had guns, swords and spears in their hands. These people were protesting against the arrest of Lavpreet Singh Toofan, a close aide of Amritpal Singh, who is the head of the organisation.

Punjab Police announced release of Lavpreet

After the attack, the Punjab Police came under pressure and announced the release of the accused, after which Amritpal Singh, the head of the organization, gave a statement – For 500 years, our forefathers have shed their blood on this land, there are so many people who have sacrificed that we can't count them on fingers. He said that we are the claimants of this land, neither Indira nor Modi or Amit Shah could deny this claim. We will die but not give up our claim

Who is Amritpal Singh?

Amritpal Singh was born in 1993 in Jallupur Kheda in Amritsar district of Punjab. After studying till 12th, in the year 2012, Amritpal went to Dubai in connection with work. He started working in the transport business in Dubai. After the death of Deep Sidhu in February last year, Amritpal returned to Punjab to handle 'Waris Punjab De'.

On 29 September 2022, Amritpal was declared the head of 'Waris Punjab De' in Rode village of Moga district. During this, thousands of people were present here, who raised slogans in support of Khalistan. Khalistani terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was a resident of Rode village.

'Waris Punjab De’ was formed by Deep Sidhu

The organization 'Waris Punjab De' was formed in September 2021 by Punjabi actor Sandeep Singh aka Deep Sidhu. Deep Sidhu was the prime accused in the Red Fort riots in January 26, 2021.

Amritpal was part of farmers movement 

The aim of the organization is to bring the youths on the path of Sikh religion and to wake up Punjab. There is also a dispute over one objective of this organization that is to fight for the 'freedom' of Punjab. Amritpal has been speaking out loud on issues related to Sikhs for the last 5 years. He also became a part of the farmers' movement against the three agricultural laws.

Deep Sidhu used to say in his speeches at the Shambhu border that the movement should not stop despite the repeal of agricultural laws. Amritpal Singh's own views are similar, but he has taken a different path from Deep Sidhu.

Amritpal Singh and controversies

Amritpal Singh has an old association with controversies. His supporters claim that Deep Sidhu was close to Amritpal Singh. That is why he was most suitable to become the head of Waris Punjab De. Some associates of Deep Sidhu like Palwinder Singh Talwara and some family members oppose the elevation of Amritpal as chief.

Some people claim that Sidhu even blocked Amritpal on social media.

Amritpal is misusing our name: Deep Sidhu’s brother

Mandeep Singh Sidhu, a lawyer from Ludhiana and Deep Sidhu's brother, tells in a conversation that we have never met Amritpal before, how he declared himself the head of my brother's organization is not known.

He is misusing our name to promote anti-social activities, he somehow got access to my brother's social media accounts and started posting on them.

Mandeep says that his brother formed this organization to raise the issues of Punjab and provide legal aid to the needy and not to propagate Khalistan.

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