2 Mar 2023

North-East Is Neither Far From Delhi Nor From The Heart: PM Modi

New Delhi: After the results of the Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya assembly elections, PM Narendra Modi reached the BJP headquarters in Delhi on Thursday night and targeted the opposition parties in his speech. 

He said- Some of our staunch opponents who are afraid of our victory say Mar Ja Modi (Die Modi), but my countrymen say Mat Ja Modi (Don't go Modi). The PM also asked BJP leaders and workers whether EVMs were being blamed on TV after the North-East results.

Modi said many political analysts are trying to understand the reason for the victory of the BJP. Some of our well-wishers want to know the reason. The reason is 'Triveni' (the combination of three streams).  

"The first power is the work of the BJP govts, the second one is the work style of the BJP and the last one is the karyakartas of the BJP," he explained.

North-East moving on a new direction

He said- We are seeing the North-East moving on a new direction.Now the North-East is neither far from Delhi nor far from the heart. It is time to create history. I see a time of prosperity and development for the North-East.

When I went to Northeast a few days ago, someone said, Modi ji, many congratulations to you for your half-century. I asked what kind of half century. Then he told that ever since you became the Prime Minister you have visited North-East more than 50 times.

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