19 Apr 2023

Chhattisgarh Assembly Election-2023: BJP Eyes Surguja, Who Will Bag 14 seats Of Division

RAIPUR: Chhattisgarh assembly elections are to be held at the end of the year. BJP, which lost power after 15 years in 2018, is exerting full force. If we talk about 14 seats in Surguja division, the Congress here is in possession of all 14 seats. Health Minister TS Singh Deo himself is the MLA from the district headquarters seat. Singh Deo's influence is believed to be on the rest of the seats as well.

Surguja division is surrounded by four states

The area of Surguja division Chhattisgarh is surrounded by four states. The politics here is also surrounded by many issues. Talking about the 2018 assembly elections, there were many such issues here, due to which the Congress captured all the 14 assembly seats here. In fact, even though the face of the Chief Minister from the Congress side was not fixed at the time of elections, but the discussion of MLA and Minister TS Singh Deo becoming the CM from the divisional headquarters had become common. In such a situation, Congress got a lot of benefit from here. With the slogan of forming the government, the Congress also won all the seats in Surguja.

Singh Deo's manifesto worked

Talking about the second issue, it was the manifesto of the Congress. In which many attractive promises were made to the public. It was prepared by a committee headed by TS Singh Deo.

But will this time TS Singh Deo be able to perform like last election. Will he be able to make Congress candidates win all the 14 seats in the division? No notable achievement in the field of development has taken place in the last four and a half years, which couls help Congress win all 14 seats again. Because irregularity in PM Awas Yojana is one of the biggest issues with BJP this time.

In fact, the state government is not able to give its share for PM Awas and the government has been accused of completely ignoring Surguja for the whole four years. While not one but three cabinet ministers from the area are included in the Bhupesh government. Apart from this, many Congress MLAs have been angry.

Anti-incumbency had led to BJP's defeat

Apart from this, BJP did not have any strong election issue in the area in 2018. Due to which it could make a dent in the fort of Congress. Along with this, there was also 15 years of anti-income. Therefore the BJP had to face defeat on all 14 seats in Surguja.  Apart from all these issues, one of the biggest reasons was also that the ministers, MLAs and leaders of BJP were not active on ground during the fifteen years of the government. In such a situation, people of almost all classes here wanted change. 

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