19 Apr 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023: Will These Marginalized BJP Leaders Switch Over To Congress

BHOPAL: Before the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is eyeing those big leaders of the BJP who are angry with the party for one reason or the other. Congress has started wooing former ministers and former MLAs. Former CM Digvijaya Singh is constantly in contact with such leaders of BJP. It is believed that many big faces of BJP may join Congress before the elections.

Digvijaya contacting disgruntled BJP leaders 

These days Digvijaya Singh is on a tour of those assembly seats in the state where the Congress had to face defeat in the last elections. Along with uniting the party workers on these seats, he is also contacting disgruntled BJP leaders here. 

In fact, there are many names like former minister Jayant Malaiya, Dr.Gaurishankar Shejwar, Deepak Joshi, Ramakrishna Kusmaria, whose displeasure can create trouble for the BJP in the assembly elections. In such a situation, big leaders of Congress are in touch with such leaders of BJP.

Seats were gifted to Scindia supporters

There are many of these leaders from whom their traditional seats were snatched and gifted to the leaders who joined the party along with Jyotiraditya Scindia. These supporters of Scindia also won the election. In such a situation, in order to re-establish them politically, these leaders can join hands with the Congress by moving away from the BJP before the elections.

2020 by-election changed political scenario

In fact, after 2020, the circumstances have changed in Madhya Pradesh BJP. At the root of this are Scindia and his supporters who rebelled against the Congress and joined the BJP. 

In such a situation, Scindia supporters were given a chance in the by-elections held in 2020 on the seats where BJP's old faces used to contest elections. These old BJP leaders were bypassed and since have been marginalized. In such a situation, in the assembly elections to be held in November-December, BJP's own people can become the cause of trouble for BJP.

These leaders are angry with BJP

Backward Classes Commission chairman Gaurishankar Bisen is pressurizing the party to give ticket to his daughter Mausam. However, the party has no intention of giving ticket to Mausam at present. In such a situation, if refused, it is possible that Bisen may also change his tactics, or Congress may give ticket to his daughter Mausam.

Suspense remains on Malaiya's ticket

On the other hand, strong leader from Damoh region and former Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya intends to get his son a ticket from BJP if not himself.

Due to Malaiya's age and the allegations of betrayal against his son in the by-election, there is doubt whether the BJP will give him a ticket or not. In such a situation, the Congress is also keeping an eye on Malaya. In case of not getting ticket from BJP, Congress can bet on Malaiya.

Gaurshankar Shejwar worried about political future of his son

Party sources say that Dr. Gaurishankar Bisen, a former minister running in the loop line in BJP these days, is worried about the political future of his son Mudit Shejwar. In fact, the Scindia factor is also working on Sanchi, the assembly seat of Shejwar. It is occupied by the current Health Minister and Scindia supporter Prabhuram Chaudhary. In such a situation, the political future of Dr. Shejwar's son Mudit Shejwar is under threat. 

Mudit was a BJP candidate in the last assembly elections but he was defeated by Prabhuram Choudhary. Prabhuram used to be in Congress then. Today he is in BJP. In such a situation, Congress leaders are constantly contacting Shejwar. Sources reveal that the Congress has also proposed Shejwar to contest against Prabhuram Choudhary.

Hatpipliya will be 'hot' this time

Former minister Deepak Joshi used to contest from Hatpipalya assembly seat in Dewas district. Now it is with Manoj Chaudhary who came from Congress. In such a situation, the political future of Deepak, son of former CM late Kailash Joshi, is also in jeopardy. 

Even during the assembly by-elections in the year 2020, there were many meetings between Deepak Joshi and Digvijaya Singh. Even then speculations were being made that Deepak Joshi could contest from Congress. Now in the changed environment, Deepak Joshi is also engaged in brainstorming. He is taking opinion from his supporters, the Congress leaders are also in contact with him.

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