4 Apr 2023

MP Assembly Elections 2023: Why Sangh Surveys Have Increased BJP’s Tension

BHOPAL: Assembly elections are to be held in Madhya Pradesh at the end of the year. Regarding the elections, both the BJP and Congress parties are putting their full strength even before the elections. 

Meanwhile, the BJP has given the slogan of Is Baar 200 Paar (this time more than 200 seats) in Madhya Pradesh, but the report of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh has proved its claims to be hollow. 

No effect of freebies being distributed by BJP govt

In fact, the Sangh had conducted a survey with its volunteers in the last two months. The alarm bells are ringing for BJP in the survey report. The report is telling that this time BJP will not be able to cross even 100 mark in the elections. It has been said in the survey report of the Sangh that the effect of the freebies being distributed by the BJP government to woo the voters is also not visible.

The survey of the Sangh increased the concern of the leaders of BJP. Survey revealed BJP will not get even 100 seats. Last time in 2018, BJP got 107 seats. 116 seats are needed for a majority in the assembly that has 230 seats.

Shivraj govt struggling with anti-incumbency

In the Vikas Yatras taken out in recently, there was a lot of anger visible against the BJP government. Ministers and MLAs had to face protests at many districts. In such a situation, the Shivraj government seems to be struggling with anti-incumbency. 

All the surveys so far show that tremendous anti-incumbency has come to the fore against the Shivraj government. In fact, the ministers and officers of the state government are still keeping distance from the public. 

Earlier, ministers and officers used to reach the Chaupals of the villages on one pretext or the other. But the record of the last three years is telling that the public is still waiting for the ministers and officers.

Every survey increased the concern of govt and organisation

In fact, if we believe the report of the Sangh's surveys, then the condition of BJP is worse than last time. This time BJP has a base of 80 seats. 

Sources associated with the Sangh tell that along with CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the party's state organization, the survey is being conducted continuously at their own level till the high command. But in every survey the situation of BJP is being told as worrying.

This time also BJP will be 35 seats away from majority

It may be mentioned that at the behest of the BJP high command, the Sangh has conducted a survey with the volunteers before the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka. In the report of this survey, BJP is seen in trouble in all the three states. 

It cannot be claimed that the BJP government will survive in Madhya Pradesh. The survey report has revealed that this time BJP will win less than 100 seats in the elections. 116 seats are needed for majority. 

In 2018, BJP was reduced to 107 only. In such a situation, BJP will have to make a special strategy for the remaining 36 seats. By the way, this time BJP is going to contest elections on Gujarat pattern. In which tickets of more than 600 sitting MLAs can be cut.

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