20 Apr 2023

Now One Of Atiq Ahmad's Killers Could Be Released From Jail; Arun Maurya's Uncle Makes Claim

Prayagraj: One of the three accused who opened fire on Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf in Prayagraj can get a big relief. Arun Maurya is also an accused in the murder of both the mafia in front of the media. Now it is believed that such a proof has been found, due to which Maurya can be released from jail soon.


Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf were recently shot dead in public by three youths. The police is continuously questioning all the three accused. In the inquiry so far no such major information has come to the hands of the police which reveals the entire incident. 


Apart from all the investigations, this information is also coming through media reports that the kin of one of the accused Arun Maurya have got hold of a document which can give him great relief. Arun's family lives in village Karwadi in Kasganj district of Uttar Pradesh, where his family's ration card mentions Arun's birth as January 1, 2006. Thus his age is 17 years 3 months and 18 days. Means the age of the accused is less than 18 years and he is a minor.

Arun's uncle made the claim


Murder accused Arun Maurya's paternal uncle (chacha) Sunil Maurya claims that Arun is a minor and must have been misled by someone or the other. Earlier, the police had said in a statement on Sunday that the accused Arun is an adult and has completed 18 years of age. On the other hand, it is being told that in one case Arun was sent to jail, then the court released him after seeing his age. 


If it is proved that Arun is a minor then he could be released from jail and sent to the juvenile home and tried by juvenile court.

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