21 Apr 2023

What Is Megha Ray's Advice To Her Character Radhika In "Sapnon Ki Chhalaang"

While Mumbai has been called the 'City of Dreams' by many romantics, it is also called the 'city that never sleeps'! And, in pursuit of their dreams amidst all the hustle bustle are the people of "Bambai nagariya”. 

Showcasing one such journey is the life of Radhika Yadav, the protagonist of Sony Entertainment Television's coming of age drama 'Sapnon Ki Chhalaang'. 

Megha has some advice for her character Radhika

Taking a leap of faith, Radhika has left her home to live in an alien city in pursuit to build a successful career. But Megha Ray, the actor portraying Radhika has some advice for her character Radhika to survive in the metropolis.  

Megha Ray shares, “In Mumbai - people run, people fight, people struggle to achieve their dreams but invariably, you also fall in love with the city as it teaches you to become strong and independent. As Radhika kickstarts her journey in the metropolis, I would like to tell her that, whenever the City feels too big and chaotic, pause and take a breath.”

‘Mumbai will never make you feel lonely'

Megha says Mumbai may feel big, but it will never make you feel lonely. It is a city that motivates you to wake up again the next day and catch the local train to go to work. In the noise of the city, you will find your little moments of peace. 

‘You will find that Mumbai has a soul'

She says whether it’s the aroma of cutting chai, the lovely conversations with the ladies in the local, the beauty and brilliance of architecture in Kala Ghoda, sitting at Marine Drive with your roomies and having nimbu paani or travelling distances listening to your favourite Bollywood number, you will find that Mumbai has a soul. 

'Eventually, everything will be jhakaas'

“It may take time to get used to words like "apun", "maska", "patli gali", and calling vegetables "bhaaji" and onion "kanda" but you will slowly get the hang of it and eventually, everything will be "jhakaas," adds Megha..

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