5 May 2023

Six people shot dead in Madhya Pradesh's Morena over land dispute, some others injured

Morena: Six people lost their lives in a dispute over land in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. The matter pertains to Lepa village of the district. Where there was a bloody struggle after a dispute between the two sides following a land dispute. Due to the old enmity, one side opened fire on the other side to take revenge. 

Six people, including three women of the same family, died in this firing. Three to four people have been reported injured. A video of this entire incident is going viral on social media.

Tension prevailed in Lepa village after the heinous massacre. After the firing, all the accused fled from the spot. The police team is now probing the entire matter and interrogating the people of the village. The attackers had returned to the village a few days back.

Lepa village comes under Sihaunia police station area of Morena. There was a bloody clash between Ranjit Tomar and Radhe Tomar. During the fight, the people of both attacked with sticks. 

Meanwhile, a person fired with a gun killing 6 people. In the police inquiry till now, it has been revealed that there was a enmity between these two families of the village for the last ten years. 

It is visible in the video that three men and three women have fallen on the ground in a blood-soaked condition due to bullet injuries. There were also children at the scene. A nearby woman called them inside the house . The voice of this woman is also heard in the video.

Sources said that on receiving information about the clash, senior police officials have rushed to the spot along with the force. Another village is located near Lepa village, which is said to have once been associated with the village of the infamous bandit leader of Chambal ravines. 

The two sides had an old dispute over land and in this case at least three murders have taken place in the past. The party which was attacked today is the one accused of these killings. The atmosphere in the village remains tense.

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