30 Jun 2023

PM Modi At Delhi University Centenary Celebrations: Says Today's Youth Isn't Limited To Degee Or Job Alone; What Students Said To PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the centenary celebrations of Delhi University on Friday. He said that there was a time when students used to give priority to placement before admission in any institute. Admission meant degree and degree meant job. Education was limited to this.

Today's youth does not want to limit life to degee or job

He said, 'Today's youth does not want to limit life to degee or job alone. He wants to do something new. Wants to draw his own line. Before 2014, there were only a few hundred startups in India. Today their number has crossed one lakh. Went on a trip to America a few days back. You must have seen how much India's respect and pride has increased because the world's trust in India's potential and India's youth has increased.'

Modi said the history of Delhi University is special. It is not just a university, but a movement. This university has seen and lived every movement in its long history. Today there are more girls than boys studying in DU. Similarly, there has been improvement in the gender ratio in the country as well.  

Steady increase in number of institutions like IITs and IIMs

The PM said 100 years ago independence was the goal. Now the target is to build a developed India by 2047. The third decade of this century will give a new pace to India's development journey. Today, a large number of universities are being built across the country. There has been a steady increase in the number of institutions like IITs and IIMs over the years. These are the building blocks of New India.

We also focused on what the student wants to learn

PM said education is not just a process of teaching, it is also a process of learning. For a long time the focus of education was on what students should be taught. We also focused education on what the student wanted to learn. With the efforts of all of you, a new education policy was prepared. Students can choose subjects of their choice as per their wish.

We teach Hindi to students of NE: Student

PM suddenly reached DU traveling by metro. Srishti Gambhir, a DU student, was sitting in front of the PM. She told that the PM first asked how was the first day when you came to Delhi University.

Srishti told that I am from Delhi and most of the children in my college come from North East. We teach them Hindi.

A student asked that PM Sir, what tips do you want to give to the youth for a healthy diet. Srishti said that the PM replied, 'Just enjoy. Chill out and try to get 8 hours of sleep. There is no need to take much tension.

PM also interacted with passengers in metro

PM went to Lok Kalyan Marg Metro Station at 11 am. He took the token from the ticket counter and after that he reached the platform. He also interacted with the passengers in the metro. The Delhi University was established on 1 May 1922. It has 86 departments, 90 colleges, more than 6 lakh students.

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