23 Jul 2023

UP: Why Berasnath Dham In Bhadohi Is Special For Shiva Devotees During Sawan

Bhadohi: Berasnath Dham located in Bhadohi district of Uttar Pradesh remains the centre of faith of Shiva devotees in the month of Sawan. Kanwariyas are thronging this holy place known as Guptkashi.

The ancient Shiva temple of Guptkashi, located on the banks of Uttarwahini Ganga, about 20 kilometers away from the Bhadohi district headquarters, has great mythological and spiritual significance. It is believed that the Shivling of the historic Shiva temple located in Guptkashi is situated in a well like the Semradh Nath Shivling. Semradh Nath Temple Shivling also in Bhadohi is extremely old Lord Shiv's temple and it is believed that this Shivling is naturally originated.

Ved Vyas ji felt some divine power while passing through here

It is believed that once Ved Vyas ji was passing through
Beraspur. While passing through here, he felt some divine power. Then Vyas ji stopped here and got engrossed in worshiping the Shivling situated in the well. Ved Vyas meditated for a long time at this holy place. This is the reason that this place was named Vyaspur which later became famous as Beraspur.

Shiv bhakt Bala Prasad Pal renovated the Berasnath temple

According to mythology, the local people expressed their desire to take out the Shivling located in the well, but nothing like this could be possible. Then the devotees started worshiping by bridging the well. Shiv bhakt Bala Prasad Pal took up the task of renovating the Berasnath temple. In the year 1938, a grand Shiva temple was completed here by
Bala Prasad Pal at its own expense and with the cooperation of the local people.

Kanwariyas offer holy water

In Baba Berasnath Dham there is an influx of Shiva devotees throughout the year. But with the beginning of the holy month of Sawan, the groups of Kanwariyas start arriving. They
fill Ganga water from Tirtharaj Prayag and head to Kashi Baba Vishwanath Dham. On the way Kanwariyas stop at Berasnath Dham located in Guptkashi and move ahead after offering holy water. It is believed that the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled by offering water and worshiping the Shivling located in Berasnath Dham.

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