23 Jul 2023

Uttarakhand: After Joshimath, Worrying Picture Emerges From Mansa Devi Hill In Haridwar


Haridwar: Different types of natural disasters occur in Uttarakhand every year. Hundreds of people were evacuated from Joshimath which has been slowly sinking into the ground. Meanwhile a frightening picture has come from Haridwar.

The mountain of Mansa Devi in Haridwar is continuously cracking. Landslides from the hills of Mansa Devi temple (of Shivalik range) have been happening in the past also but now the frequency has increased.


Long-term solution is still pending


Landslides from the hill, locally known as Mansa Devi hill, are common. Boulders and debris keep falling on the road, which is dangerous. Several experts suggested long-term treatment of the hills to avoid any untoward incident in the future. Instead, the administration resorted to some short-term techniques, like erecting retaining walls along the hills. A long-term solution is still pending.


Debris and boulders have fallen from here for about six times in just ten days, due to which the Railways suffered a loss of lakhs. People living in areas below are also scared. A population of more than 12 thousand lives around the mountain. 


A big accident can occur if mountain is not treated soon


If the mountain is not treated soon, a big accident can occur. The District Magistrate has written a letter to the government for the treatment of the mountain. Soon a team may reach to inspect the mountain. The mountain of Mansa Devi, which is continuously cracking, has increased the concern of the officials. Compared to previous years, this time the speed of the mountain's cracking has increased rapidly. Due to which danger is hovering in Brahmapuri, Kashipura Bassi.

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