11 Sept 2023

Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023: What Will Be Congress’ Parameters For Ticket This Time; Will Changed Strategy Help It To Retain Power

Jaipur: This time Congress is going to change the ticket pattern in the Rajasthan Assembly Elections-2023 by learning lessons from past mistakes. The party, which has been repeating most of the ministers and MLAs every time it is in power, is this time trying to give tickets to 65 to 70 percent new faces. For the first time, Congress is doing multi-level working in the matter of ticket selection. Now it remains to be seen will the party's changed strategy help it to retaining power in the desert state.

Along with the state unit, the central leadership is also very serious this time due to the high expectations from Rajasthan. In the candidate selection for every seat, victory and defeat are being carefully assessed.

Half of sitting ministers and MLAs found to be weak in surveys

In various surveys conducted by the party, the field position of 50 percent of the sitting ministers and MLAs has been found to be weak. That means half the MLAs are not guaranteed to get tickets again. CM Ashok Gehlot to in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa are giving signals to the leaders that they could be denied ticket. They have said tickets will be given only to the candidates capable of winning.

Participation of youth and women to increase

AICC has decided that fifty percent of the faces in the elections will be youth and women. In order to reduce anti-incumbency against the party at the local level, this time special changes are being made in those seats where the same family has been getting the ticket continuously. Apart from this, leaders who have lost elections twice also have little hope of getting tickets. 

National Organization General Secretary KC Venugopal says that the party's entire focus and direction of thinking regarding Rajasthan is on the point that how could the government be repeated? We are seeing what were the mistakes in the last elections when despite doing good work while in power, we were not able to form the government again. This time we are moving forward after learning from the same mistakes. Decisions will be taken accordingly.

Parameters for ticket

AICC has fixed 5 major parameters for ticket. These are:  Tickets to 50 percent youth, participation of women will increase; change is possible in seats where the same family has been getting tickets continuously; those who lost elections twice in a row will not get tickets, new people will get a chance; recommendation of any big leader will not be accepted for ticket, only the one who wins in the survey will get the ticket and no tickets to MLAs surrounded by corruption allegations and controversies.

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