29 Oct 2023

Israel-Palestine war: Israel Defence Forces enter Gaza, carrying out ground attacks

Today is the 23rd day of the Israel-Hamas war. Israel Defence Force (IDF) says that it has entered Gaza. It is carrying out ground attacks here. The IDF intensified ground attacks in Gaza late at night and also released a video of the attack.

IDF said they are destroying the hideouts of Hamas by tracing their location. The Israeli army has declared Gaza a war zone and asked people to leave Gaza.

War against Hamas has reached the second stage: Netanyahu

At 11:00 pm Indian time, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu told a press conference that the war against Hamas has reached the second stage. Netanyahu further said – This will be a long war. We will fight, we will win. We will not surrender nor retreat. Netanyahu called it Israel's second war of independence.

Netanyahu met families of hostages

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met the families of the hostages. There are 229 hostages in Hamas captivity. Their family members had been demanding to meet PM Netanyahu for a long time. Everyone was worried about the safety of the hostages. Netanyahu said that the army is targeting underground bases of Hamas. There are reports of hostages being kept in the tunnels. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the government to protect them.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on phone to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Both the leaders discussed the war. He also discussed strengthening India-Egypt relations.

23 lakh people cut off from the world

The Israeli bombardment that took place late on October 27 disrupted communication in the Gaza area, after which the internet has been shut down. About 23 lakh people have been cut off from the world.

Difficulty in rescuing people buried under debris: WHO

WHO officials say that one thousand bodies and more than one thousand people are still buried under the debris. There is difficulty in rescuing them. Even essential items are not available. However, Elon Musk said that his Starlink service will soon be active in Gaza.

110 doctors have died in the war: Gaza's Health Ministry

Gaza's Health Ministry says that so far 110 doctors have died in the war that started on October 7. 50 ambulances have also been attacked. 12 hospitals have been closed due to lack of fuel. Evacuation of 24 hospitals in North Gaza has been ordered. More than 2 thousand people are admitted here.

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