29 Oct 2023

Opposition Leaders Said This On India Abstaining From UN Vote On Gaza

India did not participate in the voting on the resolution brought in the United Nations General Assembly in support of the 'protection of civilians and a commitment to continue legal and humanitarian measures' in Gaza.

Opposition parties in the country have reacted strongly to India's absence in voting on this resolution brought with the aim of bringing peace in the Palestinian territory.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said I am shocked and ashamed that our country has abstained from voting for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Priyanka wrote further: To refuse to take a stand and watch in silence as every law of humanity is pulverized, food, water, medical supplies, communication and power is cut off to millions of people and thousands of men, women and children in Palestine are being annihilated goes against everything our country has stood for throughout its life as a nation.

Shocking, say CPI & CPM

While CPI and CPM called it 'shocking', Sharad Pawar said that the government is 'in a state of confusion'.

The CPI and the CPM have issued a joint statement saying India's absence from the UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza was 'shocking', indicating that Indian 'foreign policy now operates under US imperialism'. 

"Stop this genocide in Gaza," CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury and CPI general secretary D Raja said in a joint statement.

Thy said, "This is a decision that goes against India's long-standing support for the Palestinian cause."

Both left parties also said, "Despite this resolution being passed in the UN General Assembly, Israel has increased its aerial and ground attacks on Gaza."

They said, "Israel has cut off all communications in the Gaza Strip, home to more than 2 million Palestinians. Respecting the UN resolution, there should be an immediate ceasefire there.

India's policy has been to support Palestine: Pawar

NCP President Sharad Pawar said, "The Indian government is in a state of confusion on the Palestinian issue. India's policy has been to support Palestine, not Israel. Thousands of people are being killed there and India has never supported it." ."

What happened to one world, one family and Vishwa Guru: Owaisi

On the other hand, AIMIM Chief and MP Asaduddin Owaisi has condemned India's non-participation in voting on the resolution.

The resolution was in support of the protection of civilians in Gaza and the continuation of legal and humanitarian measures there.

Criticizing this move of the Modi government, Owaisi wrote on the social media platform, "It is shocking that the Narendra Modi government stayed away from voting on the resolution of the UN agreement brought for humanitarian agreement and protection of civilians."

He wrote, "This is an issue related to humanity, not a political one, but by abstaining from voting on the proposal, India has stood alone in the Global South, South Asia and BRICS. After all, why did India abstain from voting on an issue related to people's lives? Why abstain from voting after sending aid to Gaza? What happened to one world, one family and Vishwa Guru?"

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