10 Oct 2023

Madhya Pradesh: BJP Giving Third Class Citizen Treatment To Tribals, Says Rahul Gandhi In Shahdol; Said This About Caste Census

Shahdol: In Shahdol, during his address on Tuesday, Congress Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi accused the BJP government of subjecting tribals in the state to "third-class citizen" treatment. He made these remarks while speaking to a gathering in Madhya Pradesh's Shahdol district.

Referring to the Sidhi Pee Gate incident, Gandhi expressed his concern, stating that "BJP leaders come and disrespect tribals."

3 farmers die by suicide every day in MP

Rahul drew attention to the distressing issue of farmer suicides in Madhya Pradesh, blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for creating what he called a "laboratory" where three farmers take their own lives every day. 

Addressing the public rally in the tribal district of Shahdol, Gandhi pointed out that Lal Krishna Advani had written a book in which he claimed that the original laboratory of the BJP-RSS was not in Gujarat but in Madhya Pradesh. Gandhi alleged that in this "BJP laboratory," the deceased were mistreated, and their money was being embezzled.

Accusing the BJP government of involvement in the Vyapam scam, Rahul Gandhi stated that the future of one crore youth had been destroyed, and 40 people had lost their lives.

He also criticized the BJP for the alleged sale of MBBS seats and the demand for Rs 15 lakh to become a registrar, adding that in the BJP's laboratory, 18,000 farmers had taken their own lives over 18 years. Gandhi contended that Advani's statement about the BJP-RSS laboratory being built in Madhya Pradesh referred to the mistreatment of Adivasis by BJP leaders.

Gandhi went on to accuse the BJP government of providing substandard quality food grains to tribals and claimed that they had threatened and forcibly taken away tribal lands.

Tribals' land seized by govt will be returned to them

Assuring tribals of the Congress party's commitment to preserving their rights to "Jal, Jameen, Jangal" (Water, land & forest), Gandhi pledged to return land and plots that had been forcibly acquired by the BJP government if Congress was elected in the upcoming elections.

Gandhi also launched an attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, suggesting that Modi's focus on Pakistan and elections served as a distraction from crucial issues like the caste census.

Rahul lists his guarantees

He listed several guarantees, including providing Rs 1500 per month to all women, free electricity up to 100 units, and tendu patta for Rs 4000, among others.

Cong will conduct caste census

Additionally, Rahul Gandhi promised that if the Congress came to power, the party's first action would be to conduct a caste census. He emphasized that this census would ensure fair representation for Dalits, tribals, and backward groups in the country, comparing it to an X-ray that would expose the internal issues faced by these vulnerable groups.

The event was attended by Madhya Pradesh Congress President Kamal Nath, party leader Randeep Singh Surjewala, and former MP Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh. This rally marked Rahul Gandhi's first address following the announcement of the election schedule for the five assembly states by the election commission.

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