30 Oct 2023

Onion prices skyrocket in Rajasthan; when will relief be available?

Jaipur: Onion is now disappearing from the kitchen. Due to less arrivals, onion prices have been continuously increasing since last one week in many cities of Rajasthan as well as other states. Onion, which was available for Rs 30 per kg, is being sold in the Jaipur market for Rs 70 to 90 per kg. Onion prices are increasing by Rs 20 to 30 every day. 

It is becoming difficult for the commonman to buy onion. Traders in Jaipur say that due to less arrival of onion the supply is not being met. This is the reason why onion prices are continuously increasing.

Onion was available at Rs 40 per kg till 10 days back in Jaipur. It has now reached Rs 90 per kg. The reason for the increased price of onion in different markets of Jaipur is being said to be the difference between demand and supply. Due to rising onion prices, common people have once again started moving away from it. The increased prices of onion have reminded the common people of tomatoes. The prices of tomatoes had also touched the sky recently.

The demand for onion was less during Navratri. Now it has suddenly increased. According to the increased demand, onion is not being supplied at present.

Black marketing by big traders?

There is also suspicion of black marketing by big traders. All responsible agencies are busy monitoring this. Still, onion prices are continuously increasing. The situation is likely to remain like this till Diwali. 

Onion production declined in many states

Traders of Jaipur's Muhana Mandi say that onions arrive in Jaipur from Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Gujarat. Every year around 400 trucks of onions used to arrive daily. But in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka the onion production has reduced and the harvest is coming late. In such a situation, about 200 trucks of onions are arriving these days. 

Onion prices are continuously increasing due to 50 percent fall in arrivals and high demand. Currently, onions are being sold at around Rs 80-90 per kg. It is being said that the price of onion could reach Rs 200 per kg in the coming days.


Relief likely after Diwali

Many vegetable traders of Muhana Fruit Vegetable Market, Jaipur said the harvest is getting delayed this time in states from where onions are imported. They said there is hope of adequate arrival of onion after Diwali. It is expected that after Diwali, there will be relief from the high prices of onion.

Onion being sold at Rs 25 per kg at 21 places in Jaipur

A few months ago, when tomato prices had crossed Rs 200 per kg. Then the government had made tomatoes available at cheaper rates at selected places. Now, with the increase in onion prices, the National Consumer Cooperative Union of India has started providing onions at cheaper rates. From Monday, onion is being sold at Rs 25 per kg at 21 places in Jaipur. 

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