25 Nov 2023

Rashmika Mandanna deepfake investigation: What social media platforms informed?

The investigation into the deepfake case involving actor Rashmika Mandanna has reached an impasse, with social media platforms unable to provide information about the individuals responsible for creating the alleged deepfake profiles. According to sources, the accused party has deleted their account from these platforms, possibly utilizing a fake identity and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to upload the manipulated videos.

On November 18, Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and IT, Ashwini Vaishnaw, announced that notices were issued to all social media platforms, instructing them to take necessary actions to identify and remove such content. Despite the detention of some suspects by the police, it has been revealed that none of them actually created the specific deepfake video in question; they only shared it.

The ongoing investigation faces challenges as social media platforms, including Meta (formerly Facebook), have expressed their inability to provide details about the deleted account. The Delhi Police's Internet Freedom and Safety for Online Users (IFSO) unit sent a letter to Meta, receiving a response indicating the platform's limitations in furnishing information.

Furthermore, the police are awaiting a response from GoDaddy, a publicly traded internet domain registry, as it is suspected that a similar profile was created through their services. Emphasizing the severity of the deepfake issue, Ashwini Vaishnaw highlighted the government's proactive approach in issuing notices to major social media platforms and urged them to intensify their efforts in addressing this growing concern.

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