11 Dec 2023

Who will become next CM of Madhya Pradesh: Observers seem focused on ensuring consensus

The process of selecting the next Chief Minister for Madhya Pradesh is underway, with three observers and all the MLAs convening at the BJP office in Bhopal. 

Prior to the legislature party meeting, the observers are engaged in individual discussions with potential CM candidates, including notable figures such as Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Narendra Singh Tomar, Prahlad Patel, and VD Sharma.

Fostering mutual consensus among potential candidates

This closed-door meeting, aimed at fostering mutual consensus among the potential candidates, has been ongoing for a considerable duration. The observers seem focused on preventing any issues or discontent by ensuring agreement before announcing the final decision.

A strict directive has been issued to all BJP MLAs, instructing them not to provide any media responses until the conclusion of the MLA meeting and the final decision-making process. The atmosphere at the BJP office is tense, as the party leaders are uncertain about who will be the next Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Following this meeting, the legislature party meeting is expected to commence soon.

The last time such uncertainty surrounded the CM candidacy was in 2004, following the resignation of Uma Bharti and the removal of Babulal Gaur. During that period, observers were appointed, and after the legislative party meeting, Shivraj Singh Chauhan was chosen as the Chief Minister.

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