31 Mar 2024

Arvind Kejriwal announces these 6 guarantees, his letter read out by Sunita Kejriwal at India Alliance rally

Arvind Kejriwal Message: Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener Arvind Kejriwal announced 6 guarantees to the people amid ED custody, including free electricity to the poor across the country, Mohalla Clinic and giving full statehood to Delhi. Kejriwal's announcement is being considered important before the Lok Sabha elections-2024. Kejriwal's wife Sunita Kejriwal read out her husband's letter at the India Alliance rally held at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi.

Sunita Kejriwal, who was seen on the political stage for the first time, read the letter from Arvind Kejriwal. Arvind Kejriwal said in the letter, "I give six guarantees. First, we will provide 24 hours electricity in the entire country. There will be no power cut anywhere.

"Second- We will provide free electricity for the poor in the entire country. Third- We will build excellent schools in every village and every locality.

“Fourthly, we will build Mohalla Clinics in every village and locality, we will build excellent government hospitals in every district. We will arrange excellent and free treatment for every person in the country.

Kejriwal's fifth guarantee was for farmers. He said in the letter that farmers will be given MSP on crops as per the recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission. His last guarantee was that people in Delhi have suffered injustice. Their elected government is paralyzed. This will end injustice. Will give full state status to Delhi.

'This arrest has further strengthened my courage'

Kejriwal said, "I apologize to all India Alliance colleagues because I did not seek their permission or consent before making this announcement. I am in jail so this was not possible. I hope no one has any objection. All these six guarantees will be fulfilled in five years. I have made complete planning as to where the money will come from. I am completely healthy here in jail. I am full of energy. This arrest has further strengthened my courage. I will come out soon and meet you.

'Mother India is very sad, in pain'

The letter read, "Please accept your brother's greetings from jail. I am not asking for your votes today, I am not talking about defeating anyone. I invite 140 crore countrymen to build a new India. India is a great country. Our culture is rich. Everything is there in the country given by God. Still, why are we backward, why are the poor illiterate? There is a lot of time to think in jail. I think for Mother India. Mother India is very sad, in pain. 

Kejriwal's letter further stated, "Due to inflation, we are not able to get two square meals a day. So Mother India feels very sad. Mother India's children feel sad if they do not get good education. Mother India feels helpless when people die without proper treatment. There are long power cuts in the country. Roads are broken, the condition is bad. Mother India gets very angry when people, along with their friends, are engaged in looting the country. Mother India strongly hates such people.

'Let us together build a new India'

Arvind Kejriwal further said, "Let us together build a new India. An India where every person will get enough food. Every hand will find work. No one will be unemployed. No one will be poor. No one will be illiterate. Everyone will get equal education. Everyone, rich and poor, will get good treatment. Every village in the country will have 24 hours electricity. There will be good roads. Where people from all over the world will come to study. They will take the spirituality of India to every corner of the world. 

The letter said, "Everyone will get justice. There will be love and brotherhood. I appeal to the 140 crore people of the country that if INDIA alliance is given a chance, then together we will build such a great nation. India is not just in name, India is in the heart."

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