15 Mar 2024

Lok Sabha Election-2024: Dr. Govind Singh Engages in Closed-Door Talks with Jitu Patwari Following Meeting with Narottam Mishra, Said This About Joining BJP

Dr. Govind Singh, a prominent Congress leader, reached the residence of Jitu Patwari, the State President of Congress. The rendezvous, lasting over thirty minutes, saw discussions behind closed doors. 

Dr. Govind Singh dismissed any significant agenda, labeling it a routine meeting. Pressed about his prior visit to Narottam Mishra's house, Dr. Govind Singh maintained it was part of his regular engagements. On inquiries regarding his potential participation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections-2024, Dr. Govind Singh deflected, stating no definitive plans had been made.

In a supportive gesture, Jitu Patwari lauded Dr. Govind Singh's instrumental role in his own ascension to the presidency, likening him to the venerable Dronacharya of their party. Patwari emphasized that there was no sensational revelation to be found in their discussion. 

Following Dr. Govind Singh's recent meeting with Narottam Mishra, speculation about his inclination towards the BJP gained momentum. However, both Dr. Govind Singh and Jitu Patwari's meeting was purportedly aimed at quelling such rumors.

Against the backdrop of political flux in Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Govind Singh's sudden visit to former Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Tuesday raised eyebrows. The secret dialogue between the two leaders fueled conjecture about Dr. Govind Singh's potential crossover to the BJP. Yet, Dr. Govind Singh promptly dispelled such notions after meeting with Patwari, dismissing them as unfounded hearsay.


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