15 Mar 2024

Madhya Pradesh: CM Mohan Yadav dedicates refurbished Golghar in Bhopal; these are its distinctive features

Madhya Pradesh CM Dr. Mohan Yadav dedicated Golghar in Bhopal, a monument protected by the MP Archeology Department, which has been developed by the Tourism Department as a multipurpose art centre. 

Dr. Yadav said that centers of ancient knowledge and science can be useful even today. The initiative to connect Golghar, the heritage of the past, with the present is commendable. The original name of Golghar in Bhopal was Gulshan-e-Alam, which was built by Nawab Shahjahan Begum in the 19th century. Due to its circular shape it is known as Golghar.

Congratulating the Archeology and Tourism Department for the construction and inauguration of the ancient heritage Golghar in a new form, Dr. Yadav said that there is a need to see the Golghar and understand the technology of its construction. After renovation, this center will definitely become the center of public attraction.

CM Dr. Yadav said that a unique idea was conceived for the construction of buildings like Golghar. Many ancient constructions, including dams, monuments and forts, are examples of excellent engineering. When Bhojtal (Upper Lake of Bhopal) was constructed, arrangements were also made for convenient drainage of water.

Dr. Yadav said that various constructions in Golghar are examples of excellent engineering. This old heritage has been given a new look through restoration.

CM Dr. Yadav and other guests also released the calendar published by Madhya Pradesh Archaeology, Tourism and Culture Council. At the outset the guests were welcomed by presenting saplings.

Dr. Yadav inaugurated the newly decorated Golghar and toured various galleries. Chief Minister Dr. Yadav also got a glimpse of History of Bhopal through VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

Features of newly renovated Golghar

Art and Craft Center is developed in the galleries of Golghar Memorial.

Arrangements have been made to provide a platform to the artists to preserve the old crafts of Bhopal.

Items made by local artists and artisans will be available for sale here. Handicrafts produced by women groups have been given priority.

Golghar has been decorated and developed as a gift to the city of Bhopal as per the original concept of historical heritage. It will also become a center of attraction for tourists.

Bhopal’s traditions, crafts, art, music and cuisine can be enjoyed in this complex.

The Tourism Department has undertaken maintenance work to develop the damaged galleries of Golghar in its original form.

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