3 Mar 2024

Madhya Pradesh: Rahul Gandhi Gave This Assurance to Agniveers During Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra In Gwalior

In the course of his 'Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra' in Gwalior, Rahul Gandhi assured Agniveers that if Congress comes to power, they will reconsider and may abolish the Agnipath Scheme. The Congress leader engaged in a lengthy discussion with ex-servicemen and prospective soldiers associated with the Agniveer scheme. During this dialogue, he expressed concerns about the scheme's shortcomings and its lack of respect for Agniveers.

Rahul Gandhi spent Sunday morning in Gwalior, following an overnight stay in the city, before continuing the yatra towards Shivpuri. The Agniveers participating in the meeting conveyed that Rahul Gandhi delved into the intricacies of the Agnipath Scheme for approximately an hour. He also addressed issues related to army recruitment preparations and conversed with youths on the waiting list, emphasizing that the current scheme does not adequately honor the Agniveers.

There is discontentment among young aspirants: Rahul

The Congress MP pledged that, if elected, his government would review and, if deemed necessary, bring an end to the Agnipath Scheme. He said there is discontentment among young aspirants who feel disrespected due to the 'four-year' appointments under the scheme. These youths, aspiring to join the army, expressed frustration during the discussion. They highlighted the lack of recognition and respect in their training process.

Some participants shared their two-year preparation journey, expressing dismay at missing out on the merit list. They lamented being labeled as 'four-year' appointments during training, feeling humiliated despite their dedication to becoming soldiers. Rahul Gandhi also pointed out the potential challenges Agniveers may face in comparison to soldiers from other countries with longer training periods.

The youths stressed that Agniveers should receive the same level of respect as soldiers who become martyrs. They also emphasized the disparity in benefits such as pensions and martyr honors. Rahul Gandhi further engaged in a dialogue with ex-servicemen who said that approximately 1.5 lakh youths impacted by the Agnipath Scheme had not been provided with joining opportunities.

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