13 Apr 2024

Iran may launch assault on Israel in 24 hrs, US dispatches warships swiftly to support its ally

Israel is preparing for a potential direct assault from Iran amid escalating warnings of reprisal following the recent killing of Iran's high-ranking officers at Iran's embassy in Damascus in attack by Israel. Intelligence reports from the US and other sources suggest that the retaliation might occur as early as Sunday. Such an unprecedented attack has the potential to ignite a full-blown regional conflict.

President Joe Biden has cautioned Israel about an anticipated strike from Iran, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. However, he also issued a clear warning to Iran, urging them not to initiate any attacks. "While I can't delve into classified information, I anticipate action sooner rather than later," Biden informed reporters following an event. When questioned about his stance regarding Iran's potential strike on Israel, Biden's response was succinct: "Simply put: don't."

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Israel and its allies are anticipating the possibility of an assault originating from Iranian territory. Sources familiar with the matter suggest that this assault, possibly involving drones and precision missiles, could occur within the next 24 hours. 

The latest Defense Intelligence Agency Worldwide Threat assessment, released late Thursday, indicates that any potential Iranian attack on Israel would probably involve a combination of missiles and drones, leveraging Iran's current capabilities.

The agency stated that Iran possesses a significant arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles with the ability to target locations up to 2,000 kilometers away from its borders.

US dispatches two Navy destroyers to Eastern Mediterranean Sea

In response, the US has deployed additional military resources to safeguard both Israel and American forces in the area. According to a Navy official, the US has dispatched two Navy destroyers to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Among them is the USS Carney, which was recently engaged in air defense operations against Houthi drones and anti-ship missiles in the Red Sea.

America has intensified diplomatic efforts to quell tensions

America has intensified its diplomatic efforts to quell tensions in the region, which escalated following Israel's extensive offensive against Hamas in Palestine. US officials are engaging with Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other governments, utilizing channels like the Swiss intermediary. 

President Biden dispatched General Michael Kurilla of US Central Command to Israel for urgent discussions concerning the Iranian threat. The conflict between Israel and Iran intensified further after an Israeli airstrike targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus, resulting in casualties, including two generals. Iran promptly declared its readiness for war and vowed to retaliate against Israel.

Israel has been on alert since then, canceling home leave for combat troops, calling up reserves, and bolstering air defenses. Its military scrambled navigational signals over Tel Aviv on Thursday to disrupt GPS-navigated drones or missiles that might be fired at the country.

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