6 Apr 2024

Lok Sabha Election-2024: This female candidate of Lalu Prasad Yadav is fond of guns and luxury cars….!

Lok Sabha Election-2024: This time, Bihar is buzzing in the Lok Sabha elections-2024. RJD's candidate and Rupauli MLA Bima Bharti has filed her nomination from the famous seat Purnia. Bima Bharti, who has been MLA from Rupauli Assembly five times, had won the election as an independent for the first time in the year 2000. After that, in the 2005 elections, she won the assembly elections from Rupauli on RJD ticket.

Bima has a fleet of expensive cars

Bima Bharti has been made the candidate from Purnia Lok Sabha seat. But do you know that India Alliance's RJD candidate Bima Bharti is also fond of guns. Bima Bharti also has a fleet of luxury cars. This time there are many candidates in Bihar who have a background of musclemen. Candidate Bima Bharti is the wife of muscleman Avadhesh Mandal. 

Bima gave affidavit during filing of nomination

Bima Bharti, who recently joined RJD from JDU, has given the details of her assets while filling her nomination form. Which shows that Bima Bharti, wife of Awadhesh Mandal, has assets worth crores of rupees. Bima Bharti has two guns. Whose price is said to be Rs 3 lakh and Rs 1 lakh. Bima Bharti is also fond of luxury cars. She has four luxury four wheelers which include Creta, SUV, Fortuner and Thar. The price of these vehicles is said to be around Rs 81 lakh 90 thousand. 

Besides, Bima Bharti also has 350 grams of gold. Whose price is said to be Rs 21 lakh. There is 900 grams of silver there. Whose price is 69 thousand three hundred rupees. 

Bima’s assets

Details have also been given by Bima Bharti that they have separate bank accounts in Patna, Purnia and Bhawanipur. Patna SBI has Rs 1 lakh 74 thousand 598. Rs 19 thousand 453 are deposited in Purnia. Bhawanipur branch has Rs 3 lakh 80 thousand 881. She has two LICs. One LIC is of Rs 5 lakh and the other LIC is of Rs 3 lakh. Bima Bharti has Rs 4 lakh 50 thousand in cash. Her husband Avadhesh Mandal has Rs 2 lakh 75 thousand. 

Resigned from JDU on March 23, joined RJD on March 24

If we take a look at the political career of Bima Bharti, JDU MLA from Rupauli assembly constituency Bima Bharti had resigned from the party on 23 March. Immediately after resigning, i.e. on 24 March, she joined the Rashtriya Janata Dal. After reaching Rabri residence, she met Lalu Yadav and Tejashwi Yadav and joined RJD. 

Since then, speculations were being made that Bima Bharti may contest elections from Purnia and ultimately Bima Bharti is in the electoral fray from Purnia. She has also filed his nomination. There was a lot of political tussle regarding Pappu Yadav for this seat but Bima Bharti has filed the nomination. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how much support Bima Bharti would get.

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