17 May 2024

BJP hatched a conspiracy, Atishi said about Swati Maliwal, what more she said? How Swati responded?


"As in the past, this time too this political hitman has started trying to save himself."

After this latest post by Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal on the social media platform 'X', the hustle and bustle in the political circles of Delhi has once again intensified.

Swati Maliwal has written without naming anyone, "Fall as far as you can, God is watching everything, one day or the other the truth will be revealed to the world."

Actually, a video is going viral on social media. This 52 second video is being said to be of the day of alleged assault on Swati Maliwal.

Delhi government minister Atishi held a press conference on Friday evening in connection with the alleged assault on AAP Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal.

BJP sent Swati to Kejriwal's residence: Atishi

Atishi said, "BJP hatched a conspiracy. Under this conspiracy, BJP sent Swati to Kejriwal's residence. The purpose of this conspiracy was to make false allegations against Kejriwal. Swati was the face of this conspiracy. Swati had reached the Chief Minister's residence without taking an appointment. His intention was to level allegations against the CM, so he was saved.

Atishi said, "In the FIR, Swati says that she was brutally beaten. She was punched and got hurt. She says that after that after getting injured she is moaning in pain. She said that her clothes were torn. In the video that came, she is seen threatening the policemen. Her clothes were torn. She is threatening everyone."

Atishi has termed Swati Maliwal's allegations as wrong.

Atishi was asked that if the allegation of assault was not true then why had Sanjay Singh talked about misbehavior with Swati.

Atishi replied, "At that time Sanjay Singh did not know the whole thing. He knew only one side."

Swati responds to Atishi's allegations

Swati Maliwal has responded to Atishi's allegations.

Swati said, "No problem, I have been fighting alone for the women of the entire country, I will fight for myself too. Do character assassination as much as you want but the whole truth will come out at the right time."

Swati Maliwal wrote on social media, "The leaders who joined the party recently have called the 20 year old worker an agent of BJP. Two days ago the party had accepted the whole truth in the press conference and today a U-turn."

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