3 May 2024

Israel-Palestine Conflict: US President Biden Addresses Protests in American Universities

US President Joe Biden has made his first remarks regarding the ongoing demonstrations in American universities in solidarity with Palestine and against Israel's actions in Gaza over the past few days.

Biden emphasized that while protesters have the right to freedom of speech, they must also abide by the law. He condemned the conduct of the protests, stating that they have disregarded legal boundaries.

He stressed, "Peaceful protests can garner support, but violent protests are unacceptable. Acts of violence transcend the boundaries of lawful protest, and property damage is not considered a peaceful demonstration."

Biden's statements coincided with the clearance of a pro-Palestine protest camp by police at the University of California, Los Angeles, following a tense late-night confrontation.

Following Columbia University, demonstrations have spread to numerous public and private universities across at least 22 states, including Washington.

Key Points

On October 7, 2023, Hamas launched an attack on Israel, resulting in approximately 1200 casualties.

In response, Israel initiated military operations in Gaza and the West Bank, leading to over 33,000 fatalities. A significant portion of the casualties includes children and women.

Students have organized rallies and strikes to protest against Israel's attacks, with recent efforts focusing on opposing the conflict in Gaza.

These students demand that American educational institutions maintain financial distance from Israel. Many of these institutions have huge financial assistance.

Creating financial distance means that the institutions' stocks in Israeli companies should be sold or financial ties should be ended.

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