31 May 2024

MP News: What CM Mohan Yadav said about Rahul Gandhi, Sonia quitting their traditional seats? Why he said Congress leaders couldn't inspire confidence in party?

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav criticized Congress and its central leaders on Friday, questioning how they could inspire confidence in the party and its workers if they lacked the courage to contest their own seats.

During a discussion with reporters, Dr. Yadav commented on the ongoing election in Madhya Pradesh, terming it as a battle between the BJP and Congress. He pointed out that the Congress party has reached its lowest point, particularly evident in Madhya Pradesh. 

Dr. Yadav emphasized the stark contrast between the BJP’s robust campaign strategy, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the visibly diminished morale within the Congress.

Dr. Yadav highlighted that Prime Minister Modi actively participates in the entire election process, including contesting his own seat. In contrast, he noted the decline in Congress's morale. 

Yadav said a three-time MP lost his ancestral seat and subsequently abandoned the area. Without naming specific individuals, Dr. Yadav questioned how Congress leaders could maintain the party's morale when they themselves avoided contesting their seats. He also pointed out that Sonia Gandhi is vacating a seat she had previously won, further raising doubts about the party’s ability to motivate its workers.

For first time Cong contested only 27 seats

Commenting on the Congress-Samajwadi Party alliance in Madhya Pradesh, Dr. Yadav suggested that Congress was compelled to concede one seat to the alliance. He also referenced the withdrawal of Congress candidate Akshay Kanti Bam from the Indore seat. For the first time Congress contested only 27 out of 29 seats in the state, he said.

Opposition will put blame on EVMs

Dr. Yadav anticipated that opposition parties would soon start making excuses involving electronic voting machines (EVMs). Reflecting on his campaign experiences in other states under extreme heat, he observed an overwhelming support for Prime Minister Modi, describing it as a “tsunami.”

Cong consistently targets Hindu traditions

Responding to Congress's criticism of Prime Minister Modi’s meditation in Kanyakumari, Dr. Yadav questioned why Congress consistently targets Hindu traditions. He argued that if Congress leaders could not engage in meditation themselves, they should at least refrain from criticizing others’ practices.

Additions in curriculum should be viewed positively

Dr. Yadav lamented the delay in building a Ram temple in India despite gaining independence in 1947. He criticized past governments for not reinstating religious texts in the curriculum, removed by Lord Macaulay in 1832, at the time of independence. He praised PM Modi for implementing the National Education Policy in 2020, which facilitated the inclusion of such texts.

The Chief Minister also noted that the state government is incorporating the poetry of Raskhan and Rahim into the curriculum, arguing that these additions should be viewed positively, irrespective of religious context.

Addressing the recent nursing scam in the state, Dr. Yadav assured that the government is following court orders and CBI investigation directives, committing to act based on their recommendations.

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