9 May 2024

Resolution Reached in Air India Express Dispute, Sacked Workers Set to Return

New Delhi: After days of turmoil that resulted in over 170 flight cancellations, a significant breakthrough has been achieved in the Air India Express saga. The employee union involved in the dispute has announced that all crew members who previously reported sick will promptly resume their duties. Additionally, the airline's management has agreed to reinstate 25 terminated crew members, as confirmed by a statement from the Labour Commissioner's office.

Conciliation proceedings, held at the Labour Commissioner's office, brought together representatives from both the management and the Air India Express Employees Union. Following extensive discussions, a joint statement was issued, marking a crucial agreement signed by both parties.

"The cabin crew of Air India Express Ltd. had reported sick en masse, causing widespread disruption in flight operations... After thorough deliberations and appeals from the Conciliation Officer and Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), the union representatives have agreed that all cabin crew members who previously reported sick will return to duty with immediate effect, accompanied by fitness certificates," the statement explained.

"At the behest of the Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), the management has consented to reinstate 25 cabin crew members who were terminated on May 7th and 8th, 2024, for their collective action of reporting sick. The management has committed to reviewing these cases in accordance with service regulations," it further stated.

Assurances have been provided by the management representatives that all concerns raised by the cabin crew will be thoroughly examined and addressed. This development is poised to alleviate the distress of stranded passengers, particularly those affected by the sudden cancellations on Wednesday.

CEO Aloke Singh had earlier communicated to employees about the reduction in flight operations over the coming days, but with the resolution of this dispute, the situation is expected to improve significantly.

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