16 May 2024

Trial run of Bhopal metro conducted; metro stations will have these facilities

Bhopal: A test run of the Bhopal metro train was carried out along the 6.2 km priority corridor from Subhash Nagar to AIIMS on Thursday. The commercial operations of Metro in the city could begin in the coming months.

These metro stations are designed akin to airports, featuring amenities such as food plazas and shops within their premises. The Metro Rail Corporation has initiated preparations, with experts to prepare plans for optimal utilization of space. Similar strategies will be implemented for the metro stations in Indore.

The priority corridor, spanning from Subhash Nagar to AIIMS, has seen significant progress, with five stations—RKMP, Subhash Nagar, Kendriya School, in front of DB Mall, and MP Nagar—nearing completion up to 90%. At DRM Chauraha, AIIMS, and Alkapuri, work is approximately 60 to 70% complete. Concurrently, efforts are underway to devise strategies to generate revenue from these stations.

Metro Corporation officials emphasized the ample space available within the stations, facilitating the inclusion of amenities like food plazas, bank ATMs, and shops, which are poised to contribute to revenue generation.

Work on Phase-2 to begin in June-July 

Work on the second phase of the metro will begin in the month of June-July. A total of Rs 1540 crore will be spent on laying the 8.77 Km line between Subhash Nagar and Karond. There will be a 3.39 Km long underground route. In which 2 metro stations will be built. At the same time, 6 stations will be built above ground. This total 8 stations will be built in Phase 2

Orange line from AIIMS to Karond 

The Orange Line of Metro i.e. the route from AIIMS to Karond is 14.9 Km long. It has a priority corridor of 6.22 Km between Subhash Nagar and AIIMS. There are 8 stations in this corridor.

The work will be done in total 2 phases on the route from Subhash Nagar Depot to Karond. Out of the total 8.77 Km, 6 elevated metro stations will be built in 5.38 Km which will cost Rs 650 crore. These stations will be built in Pul Bogda, Aishbagh, Sindhi Colony, DIG Bungalow, Krishi Upaj Mandi and Karond.

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